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Homestead and Home Pride: Genealogy and Vet Appreciation at Home

Montana Antique Mall
in Downtown Missoula Montana

Over 60 Dealers
4 Floors
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Homestead and Home Pride: Genealogy and Vet Appreciation at Home

Home and family are two of the most important things in most people's lives, and they are generally a source of great pride as well. What a person calls home, however, is typically more than just the house in which they currently live. Often, the idea of one's home encompasses their state, hometown, and the home that they grew up in. For some, this may also be the place where their parents and even grandparents were born and raised. Genealogical research can help individuals learn about both their family home and family members, some of whom may have participated in significant events such as major wars and disputes. This can be particularly informative for individuals researching their family's involvement in the Revolutionary or Civil wars. By conducting genealogical research, one not only can gain a better understanding of their past, but they can also preserve and pass this information on to their children and future generations.

Genealogy and Home Improvement

Learn about the study of family histories by going to the Sechelt Public Library's website.

Links for Family History Research

People looking for genealogical resources can find help on this page by the Cobourg Public Library. It offers newspaper indices, military resources, international information, and help that is local to the area of Cobourg, Ontario.

Staying Healthy at Home: Repair Your Family Health History

See the LSU School of Medicine website for a list of links to informational resources about family health history topics.

Virtual Reference Library

Find more family history resources on this trilingual reference page.

Bill's Favorite Genealogical and Home Improvement Sites

Click this link to visit the Wescott Family website.

Bozho's Useful Sites

The long list of links on a wide range of subjects available here is sure to be useful to people researching many topics.

The Bagnalls of Wakefield and Blackpool: Family Tree and Home Repair

Look up the history of the Bagnall family and find many other informative resources.

Bella Vista Family History

Mormons in the Bella Vista, Arkansas, area gather here to compile family history information as part of church efforts to baptize dead ancestors.

British Isles Resources, From Genealogy to Home Improvement

Find just about anything you need to know about British Isles history and homes.

DNA Resources

Find a short list of family research resources on the Indiana Adoptee Network website.

From the Front to Home: Repair Gaps in Your Historical Knowledge

The Military History Society of New South Wales offers worldwide military history resources.

"Illinois" Doug and 1860s History

Find out about Illinois Civil War history here.

When Johnny Came Marching Home: Improvement of Your Civil War Knowledge

The First Marine Cavalry website offers a list of Civil War links focusing on individual fighting units.

Soldiers of the Blue and Gray

Find a long list of links to Civil War-related resources on the 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry website. It covers fraternities, battlefields, museums, and other regimental groups in Indiana.

Battles at Home: Repair of a Nation

Find links to information about battlefield preservation, Civil War battles, music, poetry, military analysis, and more.

Civil War Links of Interest

Visit the Auburn Civil War Society for a long and varied list of Civil War-related links.

The Civil War Comes Home: Improvement of Historical Accuracy

Historical accuracy is especially important for Civil War re-enactors.

Civil War Afar and at Home: Repair of a Nation

Get information about the Civil War by visiting the Mifflin County School District website.

Civil War

Click this link to go to a Moore County, Tennessee, genealogy page about the Civil War.

Civil War Brought Home: Improvement of Re-Enactments

Go to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War website to find links to resources for re-enactors and others interested in Civil War history.

Veteran Resources

Veterans can find tributes to missing soldiers and useful information about government programs here.

Links of Interest, From Motorcycles to Home Improvement

Click this link to review a list of links that are of interest to members of the American Legion Riders Post 1340 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

C.P. Proofreading: Helpful Resources

Writing, research, and military-focused resources are available here.

Canton Tea Party Patriots: Links

The links that are featured on this page are to Tea Party and conservative websites. In addition, the page also provides helpful links for individuals who want to support the troops.

Useful Information on Military Life and Home Improvement

On this page, site visitors will find a list of links to information that is useful and relevant to Marines and their families.

Support Our Troops: Send Support From Home, Repair Morale

Civilians can learn how to show their support by clicking any of the links listed on this page.

Homeland Support Links

Individuals who visit this site will find various links to patriotic, unit, and facility websites.

Help and Comfort for our Military

Visit this page on the Freedom Rock website for a list of links to websites that provide comfort and aid to current military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Ways to Help From Home: Improvement of Soldiers' Lives

Individuals interested in helping military personnel and their families can find an assortment of helpful links listed on this page.

Websites for Veterans

This Genesee County website features a list of links to articles, information, and help for veterans.

Real Estate and Lender Links

Baltimore residents and Realtors may visit this page for a list of lenders and real estate-related links.

New Homeowner? What You Need to Know When Home Repair Is Needed

New homes often require significant improvements and repair. This page explains how to approach improvements and keep expenses from skyrocketing.

Buying Tips and Home Repair Resources

Prior to buying a home, buyers can look for tips by clicking any of the links that are featured on this page.

Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Links

Real estate professionals who visit this page will find links to property, tenant financial, and market area data.

Life Coaching, Sustainability, and Home Improvement Information

Find a list of links to coaching, real estate, environmental, and health information.

Carpentry, Electrical, and HVAC Classes

Get information about contractor-related classes and schedules at Delaware County Community College.

Illinois Real Estate Market Is Recovering

Illinois Issues, a newspaper at the University of Illinois at Springfield, talks about the recovery of the Illinois real estate market in this article.

About Home Improvement

Consumer Ed offers help to readers who want to know about and avoid home repair and improvement scams. It includes a link to more information about working with a contractor.

Energy Star for Existing Multifamily Housing

The United States government offers advice on how to make multiple-family properties more efficient on the Energy Star website.

Home Improvement Classes

Go here to see Portland Community College's non-credit home improvement class schedule.

Neighborhood Home Improvement Programs

Find out about home improvement financial aid programs by visiting the city of Auburn, Maine's community development website.

Finding a Trusted Friend for Home Improvmenet Help

Two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs started up a contractor bidding service in 2013 called Friend Trusted. This article on the Carnegie Mellon University website talks about how they did it.

Residential Remodeling and Design

This page on the Hennepin Technical College website provides details about their home remodeling-related courses.

Personal and Professional Development: Home Improvement

Get information about Idaho State University's home improvement courses on their Continuing Education Workforce Training website.

Find a Home Improvement Lender

Go here to start a lender search in Minnesota.

DIY Home Improvement and Projects

Visit the Central Piedmont Community College website to find details about their home improvement projects, training courses, and workshops.

Consumer Info: Home Improvement

The Utah Department of Commerce provides advice on how to avoid problems when hiring a home improvement project contractor, including scams.

For Residents: Home Improvement

Click here for home improvement advice from the Universal City, Texas, website.

Home Improvement Articles

The Galileo Library of the University of Georgia provides links to e-books and other literature about home improvement subjects on this page.

City Development: Home Improvement Program

The city of Sterling Heights has financial aid programs for home improvements and repairs. This page provides details about their programs, including income limits and an application checklist.

Home Improvement Loan Program

Find out details about the Fairfax County, Virginia, government's home improvement loans for homeowners.

Energy-Efficient Home Improvement

The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension gives readers tips on how to plan out energy-efficient home improvement projects on this page.

Home Improvement Scams: Don't Fall for Them

Read advice on how to avoid home improvement ripoffs on the government of Indiana's website.

Home Improvement Contractor Licensing

Contractors in Louisiana can renew their licenses on this page.

Home Improvement and Health

This UCLA Fielding School of Public Health article explains how to reduce residents' risk of diabetes through changing their environment.

South Bend Home Improvement Program

Residents in the city of South Bend, Indiana, will find useful information about the city's home improvement program on this page.

Energy Tax Credits for Home Improvements: Improve Your Home and Your Utility Bills

Click this link to read about tax credits for energy efficiency-related home improvements.

Home Improvement Schemes

Learn about avoiding home improvement scams on this page by the Arizona attorney general.

Home Improvement Catalyst: Strategy and Framework

Learn about federal government analysis of energy efficiency measures here.

Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a program for military veterans who need home improvements to accommodate their disabilities.

Guide to Home Improvements

Learn about home improvements and how to avoid contractor scams on the Montgomery County, Maryland, government website.