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National State-Wide
And Regional Offices Candidates 2016

For official 2016 Montana Election Results, click here and click on the race category of your choice.

* = Incumbent

D = Democrat. I = Independent. L = Libertarian. R = Republican.

The place to go for 2016 Montana candidates with direct links to the candidate's official websites. Candidates listed in random order. This list does not constitute an edorsement for or against. Just lets you, the voter, compare the candidates from their official websites.

United States President, 4 year term --- click to expand


Hillary Clinton       D
Bernie Sanders      D        

Ted Cruz  / Carly Fiorina    R
John R. Kasich      R
Donald J. Trump -  R       


United States Congress, 2 year term ---- click to expand

United States House of Representatives

Ryan Zinke ------- R       *

Mike Fellows ----  L      

Denise Juneau     D



Governor & Lt Governor, 4 year term --- click to expand

*Steve Bullock & Mike Cooney -------D
Bill McChesney & Mike Anderson      D      

Ted Dunlap & Ron VanDevender   -    L

Greg Gianforte & Lesley Robinson     R        
Terry Nelson & Niki Sardot  --------    R


Secretary of State, 4 year term --- click to expand

Monica J. ----------- D ----

Roger Roots           L    --

Corey Stapleton  -   R


Attorney General, 4 year term --- click to expand

*Tim Fox    R

Larry Jent    D      


State Auditor, 4 year term --- click to expand

Jesse Laslovich    D

Matt Rosendale    R


Superintendent of Public Instruction, 4 year term --- click to expand

Elsie Arntzen         R

Melissa Romano    D


Click here for PSC and Judge Candidates