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Ballot Measures, 2018

The place to go for 2018 Montana ballot measures with direct links to official websites both for and against. This list does not constitute an edorsement for or against. Just lets you, the voter, compare the issues from official websites.

If you know of an omitted website, please email us. Thanks.


For $35 your listing can be enhanced for the entire election cycle. Will not be removed until Nov 7, 2018. Just email us. Linking to your website with your paid for by information listed.


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BY The 2017 Legislature; Proposed Ballot Initiatives.

LR-128 (SB 85)
Subject: Referendum submitting a 6-mill levy for support of the Montana University System to voters.
Type: Legislative Referendum
Status: Legislature referred SB 85 to the 2018 general election ballot.

LR-129 (SB 352)
Referendum on prohibition of ballot collection by certain individuals.
Type: Legislative Referendum
Status: Legislature referred SB 352 to the 2018 general election ballot.

BY Petition; Proposed Ballot Initiatives.

Ballot Issue #9 I-185
Subject: Raise tobacco taxes to fund health care programs.
Contact Person: Jessie Luther
Sponsor: Robert Shepard, MD
Type: Statutory initiative
Received by SOS:  February 22, 2018
Status: Petition has qualified for the 2018 General Election Ballot.

For 185 Healthy Montana 
Against 185 Montanans Against Tax Hikes (MATH)

Ballot Issue #14 I-186
Subject: Require the Department of Environmental Quality to deny a permit for any new hardrock mines in Montana unless the reclamation plan provides clear and convincing evidence that the mine will not require perpetual treatment of water polluted by acid mine drainage or other contaminants.
Contact Person: Thomas Schoenleben
Sponsor: Thomas Schoenleben
Type: Statutory initiative
Received by SOS:  April 4, 2018
Status: Petition has qualified for the 2018 General Election Ballot.

FOR 186

Against 186